Testosterone Injections 

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Testosterone Injections 

Are you interested in finding out if testosterone injections may be an option for you? There are many reasons why a person might get a prescription for testosterone injections. There are so many symptoms of low testosterone in men and women that can sometimes be tricky to spot! Have you ever gone through some physical changes, such as growing your hair out, that you could not see changing at the time? If you were wanting to grow your hair out, but you see yourself in the mirror every day, the slow and gradual growth might be undetectable to you. Why is that? Shouldn’t it be more obvious to you than anyone else, since it’s literally on your head? That’s the thing— the closer we are to something, and the slower the change, the harder it can be to spot. The same thing can happen with our hormone balance!

Balancing one’s hormones is no easy feat. First of all, just being able to acknowledge that something physical may be going wrong is the first difficult step to figure out. If you’re searching for testosterone injections, you’ve got a head start already! Congrats!

So, what’s next? And how do you really know if what you are experiencing is actually caused by low testosterone? Things can get a little muddled when deciphering symptoms, but don’t worry! If you even have an inkling that you could benefit from testosterone injections, go ahead and fill out our form now, and we will get you set up with an expert health care provider to do some more digging. 

Testosterone Injections for Men

If you’re a guy, you know that testosterone is a key player in supporting so many of the male attributes common to men! For example, the testosterone hormone works hard during puberty to deepen the male voice, develop facial hair, and develop a normal and function sexual function. As men age, it is absolutely normal for testosterone levels to start to decline. 

If you feel as if you just don’t have the zest for life that you used to, or you feel a new lack of motivation and drive, or even feelings of depression, don’t brush them off! You don’t need to struggle alone. Low testosterone can cause things like depression, fatigue, mental fogginess, low mood, and more mental symptoms that might be hard to pinpoint. 

Testosterone levels are also responsible for helping our bodies gain muscle mass, and maintain that muscle mass. Are you an avid gym-goer, a healthy eater, and a person who is accustomed to having a certain physique? If you are still putting in the work in the gym and in the kitchen, but have suddenly noticed a change in your body composition with no explanation, low testosterone may be the culprit! Let’s chat more about testosterone injections for muscle building and body composition!

Testosterone Injections for Muscle Building

Alright, so you have some pretty big physical goals, whether they’re appearance or performance based, but your body just won’t seem to cooperate with you! Can testosterone shots help?

Several things may happen when you are running low in the testosterone department. First of all, as we touched on briefly, your mood, drive, and motivation may take a turn for the worst. As we know, those are things that you need in order to push yourself in the gym and eat a clean diet! Before we even get into the physical changes that may happen to your body with too low of a testosterone level, we are already seeing some side effects that can affect your body, and your life!

So what else happens? Unfortunately, if your testosterone hormone is low, it will become increasingly difficult to maintain muscle mass, let alone put on new muscle. So now, if you are going to the gym, having to force yourself to work out when you are feeling low in motivation and drive, AND you aren’t even seeing changes in your muscle mass, you are pretty much set up to throw in the towel. And we wouldn’t blame you!

Testosterone and Body Composition 

Not only are you likely too see a reduction in muscle mass, but you will likely also experience an increase in body fat. When both your muscle mass and body fat percentages change, that is called changing your body composition. Sometimes, this can be a positive change! If you are able to gain some muscle, it can make burning excess body fat easier. Muscle burns calories, so if you have more muscle, you will essentially burn more calories throughout the day. That means that if you want to stay the same, you will be able to eat more calories at “maintenance,” and not gain body fat. If you want to lose weight, or “cut,” you will be able to eat at a caloric deficit more easily, since you will be able to eat more food than you would with less muscle mass. This is all a bit oversimplified, of course, but these are basic principles that you can use to see how having more muscle can help you also have less body fat. 

Of course, this all seems like a less appealing correlation when reversed! If you are having difficulty putting on muscle, or your muscle is diminishing without explanation, it would not be uncommon for you to also experience and inability to lose body fat, or unexplained body fat gain as well. Not only does having low testosterone directly correlate to an increase in body fat, but now when you consider the loss in muscle mass, you’ve got a one-two punch that can equal an overall negatively impacted body composition. That is not what we want!

In order to take control back over your body composition, and the rest of your health and wellbeing, it may be time to chat with one of our expert professionals to see if low t could be causing your unwanted changes!

Fill out our form now to get in touch, and we’ll get you started with a free consultation. Let’s get you back to looking and feeling your very best!

How Long Does a Testosterone Injection Last?

Testosterone injections are given weekly, and have a half-life of two weeks. What does that mean for you? It means you will never have to feel the hormonal slumps before your next dose is due! Our testosterone shots will arrive right at your doorstep, taking convenience to a whole new level. When you follow your prescription to the T (no pun intended, honestly), you will be able to enjoy a slow and steady release of testosterone replacement therapy that can get you back to your old self again. 

Testosterone Injections for Sale

Looking to get going on testosterone injections now? You’re in luck— this is the place for you to get started on your hormone replacement therapy journey! It’s so easy to get going. Just fill out our form, and book in for your free consultation. Our health care providers will help to determine what you need, and tailored your prescription to your unique body and needs. After you receive your prescription, your doses will arrive right at your front door. The best part? You’ll get them within 48 hours! No more waiting around in your doctor’s office, or worrying about missing a dose with this kind of speed and convenience. Let’s get you back on track to crushing your goal in the gym, and feeling great in all aspects of your life!

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