Testosterone Injections for Women

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Testosterone Injections for Women

Could low testosterone be causing unpleasant symptoms for you women out there? Let’s face it: as we age, we don’t always feel like we used to! So should we throw in the towel, and simply accept our fate? Um, we think not! Don’t let fatigue, weight gain, low libido, and moodiness get you down. Just like testosterone injections for men, women can experience many beneficial effects with testosterone therapy! Let’s check out how testosterone injections for women may just be the key to getting your strong, youthful, and vivacious self back, no matter your age!

Benefits of Testosterone for Women

Did you know that women need testosterone just like men do? That’s right! Often times, it’s easy to mistakenly think of testosterone as a “male only” hormone. It’s true that men have much more testosterone in their bodies than women do— roughly 15 to 20 times to be exact! This, however, does not mean that the hormone testosterone is superfluous for women. 

As we’re sure you know, balancing hormones can be a tricky game. Women’s hormone levels are prone to fluctuation all throughout their lives. Fluctuating hormone levels can cause lots of confusion around symptoms. We know this just based on our monthly hormonal changes when we are going through our cycle! PMS, anyone? Yeah, not a fun time! 

The same symptoms, plus many more, can obtrude on our lives when we start to go through menopause. These symptoms and unpleasant side effects can really negatively impact quality of life, and many women rightfully seek medical support to ease them. Doctors may prescribe a combination of estrogen and progesterone hormone replacement therapies, or HRT. But what happens if and when these hormone treatments don’t combat the symptoms you’re suffering with? That’s where testosterone comes into play!

What are the Signs of Low Testosterone in Females?

Testosterone replacement therapy may be able to reduce these unwanted symptoms of hormonal imbalance and menopause for many women. Here are some side effects of menopause that you may be able to get some relief from with testosterone therapy!

Hot flashes

We’re getting sweaty just thinking about this one!

Night sweats

Speaking of sweat… tired of kicking off all the blankets? Night sweats are no fun, and can actually contribute to dehydration or electrolyte imbalance! 


*Yawn* That’s right, your constant tiredness and feeling of fatigue may be cause by your hormone levels! Stop blaming yourself for being lazy, and start trying to get those hormones in check. Speak with our expert health providers today!


Uncomfortable after meals? If you’re experiencing bloating and gas, you know that it’s no laughing matter! Not only is it extremely uncomfortable, and sometimes even straight up painful, bloating is also very annoying when you’re trying to see the results you’re working so hard for in the gym! Gas can cause our stomachs to appear larger than they would otherwise, which can be demotivating when you’re working out and eating right. Try not to let this affect your healthy lifestyle! Get rid of bloat by eating easily digestible foods, cutting back on FODMAPS if needed, ditching the chewing gum and fizzy drinks, and by making sure to keep a check on your hormone levels. 

Other digestive changes

We don’t need to elaborate too much on this one, right?

Joint pain

Achy knees? Joint pain can hold you back from enjoying all kinds of things in life! From hiking and biking with family, to crushing workouts in the gym, to chasing kids around the house and backyard, getting rid of joint pain can open up many opportunities for healthy fun! If your joint pain can be remedied with HRT, why not give it a try?

Muscle tension and aches

Same goes for this side effect! Let’s get you feeling better with testosterone therapy!

Irregular periods

Mood changes

Feeling like you have PMS all the time? A hormonal imbalance could be the culprit! Let’s stop that monster inside who wants to bite the heads off of your loved ones over every tiny situation— testosterone injections for women may be able to help!

Breast soreness

Decreased libido

No one wants this!! Don’t give up on your sexy side— try testosterone therapy and see if you can get back to feeling like yourself again. 

Vaginal dryness


Body odor

Pass the deodorant, please! If you have unexplained changes in body odor, you may need to check those hormone levels. 



Feeling blue? Many women who try testosterone shots report feeling overall mood improvement! Say goodbye to the blahs and get ready to feel excited about life again!


Panic disorder

Tingling extremities

Burning mouth

Changes in taste

Electric shock sensations


Sleep disturbance

How are you supposed to feel your best when you can’t sleep at night? Hormonal imbalances can certainly affect your sleep. Get your levels checked if you are having trouble!

Difficulty concentrating

Memory lapses

Thinning hair

Unusual amounts of hair left in your brush? Testosterone replacement therapy may be able to help!

Brittle nails

The collagen gummy bears won’t do the trick if the underlying cause is a hormonal imbalance! Try talking to one of our experts first!

Weight gain

Big yikes— this is the one that most women are the most frustrated with! Do you have extra weight piling on, even when you haven’t made any lifestyle or diet changes? It doesn’t seem fair, right? Testosterone injections could be the key to help burn off that extra fat and build more muscle again!

Dizzy spells



Testosterone is critical in maintaining healthy bone mass! Don’t wait until it’s a problem— keep your bones healthy by keeping a healthy level of testosterone!

Irregular heartbeat

Testosterone for Women Weight Loss

We touched on testosterone for weight loss, but can it really help? The answer is, yes! Here’s the thing: in order to effectively lose weight and keep it off, you need something more than just a calorie deficit. To experience long-lasting weight loss, it’s more effective to focus on changing your body composition! What does that mean?

Body composition changes occur when you change the ratio of fat and muscle in your body. If you want to maintain a lean physique, weight loss alone may not be the best way to track your goals! If you rely on the scale to tell you the whole picture, you can actually lose muscle and gain fat while seeing the scale number decrease. But what does that look like on the body? That’s where we get the term “skinny fat,” and you may be able to see excess fat around your middle, or wherever your body naturally stores fat. 

Instead of focusing on the scale, try to focus on health-promoting behaviors like working out at the gym, getting lots of additional movement in your day, reducing stress, and eating a healthy diet! 

Does Testosterone Help Weight Loss?

You may be thinking, “but I already do all of this, and I still can’t lose the fat!” That is where testosterone injections can come into the picture! If you cannot seem to burn fat, or gain and maintain muscle mass, testosterone shots could be the key to your success. 

In order to change your body composition, you need to focus on muscle gain. When you put on muscle mass, you are essentially revving up your metabolism to burn more calories throughout the day, just to maintain that new muscle! That means it will be easier to stay in a calorie deficit, without feeling deprived out under eating; both of which are likely to result in binges and ultimately weight regain. 

To avoid this, try to incorporate strength training in your exercise regimen, and make sure your testosterone is at its optimal level!

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