Testosterone Injections and Strength Training

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Testosterone Injections and Strength Training

Do testosterone injections and strength training really go hand-in-hand? It’s a common conversation around the gym— how can you make big gains when your body doesn’t seem to cooperate anymore? If you have experienced a decline in your rate of muscle mass gain, or even muscle loss or muscle wasting as you have maybe gotten a bit older, it might be time to see if testosterone shots can help. You have big goals, so don’t let hormonal fluctuations or imbalances stop you from achieving them! Let’s talk about the correlation between testosterone injections and strength training, and if you can boost your gains by choosing testosterone therapy

Does Taking Testosterone Increase Muscle?

Let’s start off with a bang— does taking testosterone injections actually increase your muscle mass? Coming in with the facts, it absolutely can! While every person is unique, it is true that testosterone is required for muscle growth. If your body is not producing the optimal level of testosterone for muscle gains, you may benefit from supplementing with testosterone injections! 

As we age, our body naturally starts to produce less and less testosterone. Think about it. A young man in his early twenties can often eat basically anything he wants, hit the gym a few times a week and see major results. It’s easy for him to maintain a lean body composition with his fast metabolism, and his testosterone levels are naturally so high that seeing muscle gains can be seemingly quite easy!

A slightly older man, however, may not be able to see the same effects from the same lifestyle. If you feel like you gain weight by even looking at a slice of pizza, you might know what we’re talking about here! A low level of testosterone means it can be harder to maintain a lean body composition. If you are not able to build muscle, or even losing muscle mass due to low testosterone, you are also essentially lowering your RMR, or resting metabolic rate. 

Even if testosterone did not have a direct effect on your body composition (which it does!), this would be enough to impact your body fat percentage. When you have a lot of muscle mass on your frame, your body needs a higher number of calories per day just to maintain your size. If your muscle mass is reduced, your daily caloric requirements also go down, but it can be hard to adjust to a lower calorie diet! You are likely to see some sort of fat gain if this happens to you, because you are used to a certain ability to eat what you’ve grown accustomed to. 

Not only that, but if you have low testosterone, you are likely to also experience lack of motivation and drive. What is it that you need in order to stay consistent and push yourself in the gym? Bingo! You need plenty of motivation and drive to crush your workouts and stay on top of your goals. If you are used to feeling quite motivated and have always had a disciplined mindset in the gym, and even in other aspects of your life, but you are suddenly feeling a lack of motivation to keep up with your routine, don’t blame yourself straight away! Instead of kicking yourself in the butt for being lazy, check in with your testosterone levels first. 

Low testosterone can wreak havoc on your mental health, and really bring you down in your mood and your capacity for willpower. When you compile these mental and physical effects of low testosterone, they make a pretty hard hitting one-two punch when it comes to ruining your hard earned strength and physique goals!

Should I Take Testosterone for Gains?

Alright alright, so we now see the correlation between testosterone injections and strength training, and how low testosterone can put a damper on your workouts, but when do you know if you need testosterone for muscle gains?

We make it easy here at testosteroneshots.com! All you have to do is fill out our form to speak with a specialist, right here, right now. We will get you booked in with your free consultation, and figure out the best plan for you! Our expert health care professionals are here to guide you and find your unique prescription for testosterone shots. If you are a good candidate for testosterone injections, your doses will be delivered right to your door, no hassle! 

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How Long Does a Testosterone Shot Last?

Our testosterone shots come in weekly doses, where once a week, you will give yourself your dose in the comfort of your own home. So, then what? Will you notice a rise and fall of your testosterone levels throughout the week surrounding your time of injection? No! That’s what is so great about choosing testosterone shots as your form of testosterone replacement therapy. 

Your testosterone shot will be injected into the muscle, not the vein, which means you will enjoy a slow release of the testosterone throughout the week. The testosterone injections have a half life of two weeks, which means you will never go long enough between doses to notice any waning of the testosterone levels! You don’t have to worry about riding the hormonal roller coaster of fluctuating hormone levels— nobody wants to deal with that!

How Much Testosterone a Week To Build Muscle

Our expert specialists will work with you to find your perfect dose, and prescribe you the testosterone injections that you need for your body and your goals. During your free consultation, our providers will listen to you in order to best decide what you need. After you get your bloodwork sent in, our healthcare providers will prescribe your perfect dose, taking any guesswork out for you! Just relax and enjoy the benefits of testosterone injections for strength training, and overall quality of life. 

Best Workout Routine While Taking Testosterone 

Looking to amp up your gains while taking testosterone injections? Let’s make sure your gym routine is on point in order to maximize your muscle building potential! Did you know that lifting weights can actually naturally raise your testosterone levels? When you are trying to bulk up, having high testosterone levels is essential, but so is doing effective gym sessions. Make sure that you are adding weight to your reps as they start to become easier, complete a good warm up and cool down before and after each lifting session, and truly push yourself in your lifts. You probably already know a lot of this stuff, but it can be a good reminder to increase your weight as your strength increases in order to continue seeing progress! You also have to ensure that you are getting in adequate calories in order to grow. You can’t typically build muscle in a caloric deficit, just like you can’t lose weight in a caloric surplus. Try adding in a scoop of protein powder to your post workout smoothies, a spoonful of natural peanut butter to your morning oats, and a couple of extra eggs in your veggie omelette. If you can pack in these  nutritious calories, your meals will not only be more calorie dense, but you’ll also get the added benefit of proteins and healthy fats from these foods! All essential things when it comes to making those gains!

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