Testosterone Gel

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Testosterone Gel

Are you looking for the best form of hormone replacement therapy for low testosterone? You have likely run into a dilemma when trying to select a vehicle for your testosterone replacement therapy— should you get testosterone injections, or testosterone gel? We are here to help guide you to make the most informed decision when choosing the testosterone therapy that’s best for you! 

Testosterone Gel Benefits

First, let’s briefly discuss some of the potential benefits from choosing testosterone gel. Stay tuned, because you may come to realize that the negatives outweigh the positives here, but let’s take a look!

Testosterone gel can be a suitable choice for many people who need testosterone therapy to boost their levels. Some people like that testosterone gel can be applied from home, unlike some other forms of hormone replacement therapy. For example, if you were to choose testosterone pellets, which is another option for testosterone therapy, you would have to make quarterly doctor’s appointments to have the pellets surgically inserted into the hip. Obviously, this form is less convenient for many people, and of course cannot be done at home. 

If you are prescribed a testosterone gel, you will receive the correct dose and dosing instructions for you, and you will be able to apply the gel in your own home. However, this is where some problems may present themselves! Let’s take a look at some of the downsides of testosterone gel, and why a lot of people do not prefer to rely on it as their chosen form of testosterone replacement therapy. 

What Are the Risks of Testosterone Gel?

The risks of testosterone gel have to do with absorption and potential transfer. Let’s think about  it for a second: if you are relying on a daily gel to absorb perfectly into your skin and therefore bloodstream to keep your testosterone levels high, there are quite a few variables that could affect your levels over time!

If you are experiencing a constant release of testosterone, as you would with a slow-release, long lasting testosterone shot for example, you will not have to experience the hormonal roller coaster that you may be riding with other options. 

That brings us to the potential hormonal fluctuations that can occur when using testosterone gels. Testosterone gels require perfect circumstances to allow for full absorption with each application. This means that for a certain amount of time, you will not be allowed to sweat, swim, shower, etc. 

Many people have a hard time with following this protocol exactly. In real life, sometimes things happen out of our control, and perfect absorption is simply not possible. What if you have to go to work, and on the way in the hot car, you get unexpectedly sweaty? You really don’t want to have to deal with hormonal swings just because you get a little bit sweaty, or have to jump in the shower due to unexpected plans, or accidentally fall into a pool (hey, it could happen, right?). 

Another potential problem with testosterone gels can be that they are messy! It is extremely important to prevent the transfer of testosterone gel or cream, even onto other fabrics and surfaces that could come into direct contact with others. If you choose to use testosterone gel, you will have to be extra aware of how you apply it, and to ensure that the messy gels and creams are limited to only one small area of your body, and allowed time to fully soak in. Many people do not wish to deal with the mess, and as a result, strongly prefer testosterone shots. 

Testosterone Gel Side Effects

The most dangerous side effects of testosterone gel are actually those that affect those around you! That’s right— the transfer of testosterone gel to children, pets, spouses, or anyone who may come into contact with your skin after application are at major risk here. 

It is extremely important that, if you choose to use testosterone gel, you allow the full time of absorption before having any contact with others. Testosterone therapy should be taken very seriously, and you have to be careful to follow the dosing instructions carefully. Accidental transfer to children, pets, or others can cause harm to their health. 

Where to Apply Testosterone Gel Male

If you do choose to use a testosterone gel, you can see how important it is to be careful when applying your dose to your skin. It is best to apply your testosterone gel to a private area that will be least likely to come into contact with people, pets, or other surfaces. This can be the groin, in order to allow for better absorption and less contact with others.

Keeping others safe is of the utmost importance. Choosing to use testosterone gel for your form of testosterone replacement therapy can be effective for those who absolutely cannot tolerate needles, even of the smallest variety, but also comes with the downside of having to protect others from physical contact. 

Testosterone Gel VS Injections 

Alright, so here is the big question! We have looked at some of the positive benefits of testosterone gel, and some of the not so great realities of relying on testosterone gel for your therapy. So, what’s next? Is there a better option for your testosterone replacement therapy?

We think so! Here are a few reasons why we prefer testosterone shots over testosterone gels:

  1. They have zero risk for transfer! Since your dose of testosterone will be injected directly into the muscle, instead of applied to the skin, you do not have to allow time for absorption or risk the transfer of your dose to others. 
  2. No hormonal roller coaster for you! Testosterone injections have a half-life of two weeks, so with your weekly dose, you will never have to experience the ups and downs of hormonal fluctuations! Keeping your testosterone levels nice and high can be so beneficial in many ways, including maintaining or gaining your goal body composition, positive mood, drive and motivation, and quality sleep. 
  3. You can give yourself your doses at home! That’s right, you don’t have to make any doctor’s appointments in order to weekly provide yourself with the testosterone therapy you need. 

Testosterone injections are a great option for most people who need a boost of testosterone. If you feel like you could benefit from testosterone replacement therapy, please don’t wait! Fill out our form now to get in touch with one of our expert health care providers, and let’s get you booked in with a free virtual consultation. 

Having low testosterone can affect your life in many negative ways. From feeling depressed, lacking motivation, experiencing unwanted fat gain or muscle loss, and even poor sexual function, the symptoms of low testosterone are no joke. 

When we get you started on your personalized prescription for testosterone therapy, you will be on your way to feeling your best again! Getting your testosterone levels nice and optimally high can improve your life as a whole. If you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, fill out our form now, or use of of the contact options below! We would love to help you get started on your journey to feeling amazing again with the right testosterone replacement therapy for you!


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