Testosterone Booster Shots

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Testosterone Booster Shots

Want to know more about testosterone booster shots? If you are considering trying out testosterone replacement therapy, you need to know exactly how it works! Of course, there are several ways to get your dose of testosterone. We will cover a bit about all of the other vehicles for getting your testosterone replacement therapy, but we do believe there is a reason why testosterone shots are the most popular! Let’s talk a little bit more about what testosterone booster shots are, who needs them, and when!

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

First things first: what exactly is testosterone replacement therapy? Testosterone replacement therapy is a type of HRT, or hormone replacement therapy. When a person is experiencing signs of low testosterone, a therapy like HRT could be recommended. There are serval different types of testosterone replacement therapy.

  1. Testosterone Creams or Gels
  2. Testosterone Pellets
  3. Testosterone Shots or Injections

Let’s chat a bit more about these types of testosterone therapy, and why we believe that testosterone shots are the best option for most people!

Testosterone Shots VS Gels

It’s the showdown: which type of testosterone replacement therapy is better?? While there are of course some benefits to both, we think you may see a clear winner here in a moment. 

So, testosterone gels; how do they work? If you chose to use a testosterone gel as your chosen vehicle for your hormone replacement therapy, you will receive a prescription gel with a certain dosage made for you. Make sure you follow all instructions from your doctor and on the label carefully, but you will likely be instructed to apply the dose of your gel onto a private area to avoid transfer to others. You will not be able to get sweaty, go swimming, and other similar activities for a certain period of time so that the gel has time to fully absorb. Many people find it difficult to fit this into their active lifestyle, as it may disrupt their workout schedule or interfere with their plans on vacations etc. 

The other thing to consider with gels and creams is the transferability of the hormone to other people, surfaces, and pets. You definitely do NOT want to be accidentally dosing your child, partner, or puppy with your testosterone prescription! If it seems that you would have a hard time isolating contact with others for long enough for the gel to be fully absorbed, this might not be the best option for you. 

Creams and gels can also be a bit messy. Many people do not like having to apply a cream or gel to their body, and have to wait around while it soaks in. It can be kind of a pain to not allow your body to touch other surfaces, people, or pets for any amount of time! If you prefer a no fuss no muss approach, this may not be your favorite vehicle for your prescription. 

Before we talk in detail about testosterone shots and testosterone booster shots, let’s round up our other contestant in our discussion: testosterone pellets!

Testosterone Shots VS Pellets

When deciding on which vehicle to choose for testosterone replacement therapy, many people want to make sure they select the one that is going to provide them with the most consistent, slow-release, and long-lasting option. Upon first look, testosterone pellets can seem to be the obvious answer! However, don’t jump in just yet— testosterone pellets may not be all they’re cracked up to be. 

One downside of testosterone pellets is that you do have to have them surgically implanted in the hip every time you need a new one. While it is a very small incision, and recovery is not too bad, it is still a small operation and requires a recovery protocol like any other small surgical operation. That means you will have to wear a surgical bandage, take extra care of the incision site, and heal up. Since you have to get a new pellet every quarter or so, that adds up to a lot of visits to the doctor’s office, and can amass a good bit of scar tissue on the hips over time! 

That also means that you are locked into scheduled doctor’s appointments, and if you don’t get on the books for your insertion just at the exact right time, every time, you are subject to feeling the fluctuations of rising and falling testosterone levels. No one likes to be on a hormonal roller coaster!

So, why do we think testosterone shots are the better option for most people?

Best Testosterone Injection

It’s simple: they are quick, easy, efficient, and effective! Once you have discovered your unique prescription by way of virtual visits with our expert health care providers, as well as getting your labs done at your own convenience, our team will prescribe your perfect dose of testosterone shots. After that, just wait 48 hours, and your testosterone shots will be delivered right to your doorstep!

If the pure convenience isn’t enough for you, take the consistency into consideration. If you are dosing yourself weekly with the testosterone booster shots that arrive right on your doormat, you will never feel the fluctuations of dropping hormones! Your prescription will have a half-life of 2 weeks, so your hormone levels will not have time to dip to a noticeable level before your next dose. Thank goodness, because hormonal fluctuations can be a nightmare!

We have the best quality testosterone injections available right here at testosteroneshots.com. We would love to help you get started with your journey of hormone replacement therapy, and get you on the right path to feeling your best, all the time! Fill out our form now to get your free consultation booked with our expert specialists!

Once You Start Testosterone Therapy Can You Stop?

Good question! Yes, of course if you no longer want to continue with your testosterone replacement therapy or testosterone shots, you can choose to stop. When quitting any medication, always speak with your health care provider before stopping. The only thing is, if you are experiencing positive benefits from testosterone shots, just know that these benefits will likely stop or reverse once you stop taking the testosterone shots. 

Testosterone Injections Side Effects

The most common side effects of testosterone injections are a bit of pain or redness at the injection site, just like any other shot could cause, although even this side effect is not very common. Some people may experience some acne breakouts, but these are easily managed with a prescription or topical treatments. 

The most common side effects of testosterone shots include improved muscle mass gain and maintenance, improved sexual health and function, increased drive and motivation, better sleep, assisted weight loss, and more! Do these potential benefits sound like a dream to you? Let’s get you started on feeling amazing again with testosterone booster shots!

Where to Buy Testosterone Injections

Look no further— you can buy your testosterone injections right here! Fill out our form to get started by speaking with one of our experts, and we will get you on your way to feeling vitalized  with testosterone injections. Want to receive your testosterone booster shots right to your door, with no annoying visits to the doctor’s office for your doses? That’s what we’re here for! We would love to have the opportunity to help you reach your goals in the gym, at work, and in your life by optimizing your testosterone levels and overall health. Let’s crush it together!

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