How to Increase Testosterone

August 23, 2022 0 Comments

How to Increase Testosterone

Trying to figure out how to increase testosterone? We have answers for you! Whether you know that you have low testosterone levels, or you have a sneaking suspicion that you are feeling the symptoms of low testosterone, we’ve got the advice you need to get back on track. 

Before we jump right in to how to increase testosterone levels in the body, let’s tackle some of the symptoms that may indicate that you are in need of a boost!

What are the Signs of Low Testosterone?

If you are feeling a little off, don’t wait until things get worse! Spotting a hormonal imbalance can sometimes be tricky, because our hormones are so tied into our mental, physical, and emotional health. Sometimes, people mistake their symptoms of low testosterone for things that they feel like should be within their control. Things like low motivation, lack of drive, and difficulty seeing results in the gym are often hard to identify as symptoms of low testosterone. People have a tendency to blame themselves for being lazy, or having a weak mindset when it comes to their health and fitness goals, or even work and family life goals. Before you get frustrated with your seemingly low ability to push yourself and stay motivated with your goals, you might want to test your testosterone levels! Don’t put necessary guilt and blame on yourself for something that could be purely a physical issue with your hormones. The thing is, you can’t outthink a hormonal imbalance! If your testosterone levels are low, it doesn’t matter how much self control and discipline you possess, or how many days a week you force yourself to go into the gym. You need to stop putting pressure on yourself to achieve your goals by willpower alone, when your physiology is literally working against you! How does low testosterone affect your gains? It causes several things that can negatively impact your fitness levels and appearance. 

Before learning how to increase testosterone, let’s talk about what happens when you do not have enough testosterone in your body. So, how exactly can low testosterone effect your fitness goals? It’s simple when you break it down. Testosterone plays a role in 3 important aspects of reaching your dream body, or fitness performance level. These are 3 ways that low testosterone can negatively impact your fitness goals!

  1. Mental and emotional detriment. First off, as we just went over, when you have low testosterone, you will likely experience low motivation, low drive, and general low mood. You may also have trouble thinking clearly, or the feeling of mental fog. When you are experiencing these mental symptoms, it can be nearly impossible to push yourself as hard as you used to in the gym, and also with your food choices and meal preps. Willpower is actually a limited resource, which is why for example it may seem easier to say no to a donut first thing in the morning than to say no to ice cream in front of the TV at night. After your willpower has been depleted after a long day, it’s already difficult to maintain a constant state of self discipline.Now, take that limited resource of willpower, and reduce it right away— now you have so much less to distribute throughout your day, which often means that extra things get cut from your life. Since most of us have lots of responsibilities with work and family that absolutely have to take precedence, that means we don’t have tons of willpower left over for our own goals and dreams. When you feel depleted and mentally drained, it is simply so much more difficult to make it into the gym consistently. This may seem like a no brainer, but the thing is, there may be an actual physical reason that you have low willpower and motivation!

    When you start boosting your testosterone hormone levels with hormone replacement therapy, you may feel the world of difference with the amount of drive you experience! Ready to get back that excitement and vigor for life that you used to have? Let’s get you on track to feeling amazing while absolutely crushing your goals with testosterone shots! Fill out our form now to speak with a specialist, and get started with your free consultation. Don’t wait! You deserve to feel fantastic, motivated, and super driven to live your best life.


  2. Lack of quality sleep. Did you know that when you sleep soundly, your body is doing the most to repair itself? That means that while you sleep, your body is working hard to convert your hard workouts in the gym into actual gains. As we know, when you lift weights, you are actually creating tiny tears in the muscle fibers. It is actually not during the workout that your muscles gain mass and strength, but during recovery! That is why recovery is such a hot topic, and so crucial to get right. Of course, fueling your body properly before and after a lifting session is part of a good recovery routine, as well as stretching the muscles and incorporating an adequate cooldown into your exercise regimen.However, what about when you hit the sack? If you are not sleeping well, you could be missing out on lots of potential gains! Sleep is so important for overall health, of course, but it is also imperative for getting the body you desire. For one thing, if you are groggy the next day after a rough night of poor quality sleep, you won’t be able to push yourself as hard in the gym. Also, since your body is repairing itself while you sleep, less sleep means less muscle repair, which essentially means less gains overall! Sleeping well has also been linked to lower body fat percentage. One reason why you may have less body fat when you sleep adequately is that you will experience less energy slumps throughout the day.

    Ever experience that drop in energy around 3pm? We’ve all fallen victim to the afternoon snack attack, and when our energy is low, our body naturally craves high energy foods. What does that mean? Usually, high calorie, high sugar treats that will give our body that quick rush of much needed energy! That can be a bit of a hindrance on our weight loss or body composition goals, however, so let’s do our best to avoid this slump by getting our sleep schedules sorted. Testosterone injections may help! See if you qualify for testosterone replacement therapy by speaking with our specialists now!


  3. Inability to gain muscle mass. Testosterone is essential for gaining and maintaining muscle mass! Your body needs high, optimal levels of testosterone in order to put on muscle and make strength gains. Did you know that lifting weights can even help to increase testosterone levels naturally? Pair this with your testosterone shots, and you will be on your way to your best body and mindset! If you are struggling to pack on the muscle mass that you feel you should be putting on with your workout program, it may be time to check your testosterone levels! Don’t continue being frustrated with your lack of results— get the body that you are working so hard for in the gym by boosting up those low testosterone levels and reach your muscle building potential!

If you are experiencing these symptoms, don’t hesitate to fill out our form right now to speak with a specialist. Our expert health care providers can help get you on track to feeling amazing! Ready to boost up your motivation, drive, and muscle building potential? Contact us today and let’s get you on your testosterone therapy journey, and on your way to your most elite life!

Keep crushing your goals, warrior!